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EAGLESKY CO., LTD. was established in 1993. We have been focusing on the manufacture, development, sales, maintenance, and services of valves control systems.
Eaglesky Company in the initial period of establishment, had comprehended that automatic control can be applied widely to all kinds of industries. In order to cater to the current trend and meet the customers’ requirements, our professional team keeps making research and improvement to produce high quality pneumatic actuators, butterfly valves, ball valves, and all kinds of related products. Our products satisfy the customer’s needs in quality, cost, delivery date, and service. Besides service in the domestic market …

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Rotary Automatic Pneumatic Actuator / Air Actuator

  • 14 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return.
  • 3 different working temperature executions (from -40°C up to +150°C).
  • Multiple choices of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size.
  • Leakage allowed : NONE.

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Rotary Automatic Electric Actuator / Electric Valve

  • IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof.
  • Made of Nylon which has purpose of resisting against heat, acid, alkali, waterproof, and dustproof.
  • Optional: Aluminum Alloy.

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Rotary Automatic Pneumatic Actuator / Pneumatic Valve Options

  • Namur Series Solenoid Valve.
  • Limit Switch Box (Explosion-proof / Non- explosion-proof).
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioner.
  • Gearbox for Pneumatic actuator.
  • Filter Regulator Lubricator.

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 Metal Straight Shaft Butterfly Valve

  • Metal Material.
  • Wafer type & Lug type.
  • Operation : Lever, Gearbox, Pneumatic/Electric actuator.
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 Plastic Double Union Ball Valve

  • Working pressure 1/2”~4” 150 PSI / 73℉.
  • Full port design.
  • Actuator could be installed with inserted nut.
  • Standard Product is without nut.

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 Plastic Butterfly Valve

  • Working pressure 2″~4″ EPDM seat:200PSI / 73℉.
  • Working pressure 2″~8″ : 150 PSI / 73℉.
  • Low flow loss and Lower operation torque.
  • Universal bolt holes suitable for ASTM,DIN and JIS system.
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 Metal Ball Valve
( Stainless steel Ball Valve )

  • Metal Material.
  • 2 Ways / 3 Ways.
  • Operation : Lever, Pneumatic/Electric actuator.
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 Stainless Steel Sanitary Ball Valve 1000 WOG

  • Ball valve(2 Ways / 3 Ways) / Butterfly valve.
  • SUS304 / SUS316.
  • Operation : Lever, Pneumatic/Electric actuator.
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