Eaglesky is one of the leading pneumatic actuator brand in Taiwan. It is manufactured not only high-tech appearance, but also highly material quality. ES series showed the ability of design and the latest production technology of Taiwanese.



1. Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
2. 13 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return type
3. 3 different working temperature executions (from -40°C up to +150°C)
4. Multiple choices of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size
5. Leakage allowed : NONE
6. CE certification

Pneumatic Actuator Catalog

Parts & Materials

NO Description Qty Standards Material
1 Indicator Screw 1 Stainless steel
2 Indicator 1 Plastic
3 Snap Ring 1 Stainless steel
4 Washer 1 Stainless steel
5 Outside Washer 1 Engineering Plastics
6 Body 1 Aluminum Alloy
7 O-ring(top) 1 Viton / NBR
8 Bearing Top 1 Engineering Plastics
9 Inside Washer 1 Engineering Plastics
10 Pinion 1 Alloy steel
11 Bearing Bottom 1 Engineering Plastics
12 O-ring Bottom 1 Viton / NBR
13 Plug 2 NBR
14 Piston 2 Die-casting aluminum
15 Piston O-ring 2 Viton / NBR
NO Description Qty Standards Material
16 Piston Bearing 2 Engineering Plastics
17 Guide Piston 2 Nylon 66
18 Spring * Spring steel
19 Spring Retainer(L) * Nylon 66
20 Spring Retainer(R) * Nylon 66
21 Retainer Connector * Brass
22 End-Cap O-ring 2 Viton / NBR
23 End-Cap 2 Die-casting aluminum
24 End-Cap Stop Screw 8 Stainless steel
25 Adjust Screw 2 Stainless steel
26 Adjust Screw Nut 2 Stainless steel
27 Adjust Screw Washer 2 Stainless steel
28 Adjust Screw O-ring 2 Viton / NBR
29 Cam 1 Alloy steel
30 Stop Screw 2 Stainless steel

Dimensions & Technical Data

Model ES50/63/75/85/100/125/145/160/180/200/240/
Body material Aluminum Alloy
Piston material Die-casting Aluminum
Cover material Die-casting Aluminum
Output shaft 45#、2CR13、SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L
Output torque 12N.M~15000N.M
Opening 90°、120°、135°、180°
Gas pressure 0.2Mpa~0.8Mpa
Temperature around Standard:-20°~+80° High temperature:-15°~+150° Low temperature:-40°~+80°
Material handling Hard oxidation of anode、Nickel-phosphorus alloy plated
Surdace plating Plating、Epoxy、Plastic、Nylon、PTFE、Teflon Spraying
Connection size ISO5211 Standard
Interface dimentions NUMAR Standard
Action mode Spring Return / Double Acting
Leakage allowed None


Model ISO Flange CH (mm) Weight (KG)
ES-32 DA F03 9 0.5
ES-50 DA F03+F05 11 1.38
SR 1.45
ES-63 DA F05+F07 14 2.03
SR 2.05
ES-75 DA F05+F07 14 2.7
SR 2.9
ES-85 DA F05+F07 17 3.13
SR 3.60
ES-100 DA F07+F10 22 5.77
SR 6.85
ES-125 DA F07+F10 22 8.90
SR 10.1
ES-145 DA F10+F12 27 13.25
SR 15.55
ES-160 DA F10+F12 27 20.14
SR 24.00
ES-180 DA F14 36 31.30
SR 35.25
ES-200 DA F14 36 46.80
SR 54.80
ES-240 DA F16 46 67.28
SR 80.2
ES-270 DA F16 46 96.9
SR 118
Pneumatic Actuator Catalog
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