Eaglesky Co Ltd is one of the leading pneumatic actuator / pneumatic valve brands in Taiwan (MIT). It is manufactured not only high-tech appearance, but also highly material quality. ES series showed the ability of design and the latest production technology of Taiwanese. Our products are widely used in a variety of pipeline, the main customer base: In addition to the standard case of major projects, and chemical, petroleum, food, medicine, the waste water treatment, Seawater desalination System, machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning plant, and pipe valve manufacturing plant, hardware dealers, etc., there will be demand for such products.



Eaglesky Rotary Automatic Pneumatic Actuator / Air Actuator

  1. SIZE: depends on the valves’ torque to choose.
  2. Body Material: Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel
  3. 14 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return
  4. 3 different working temperature executions (from -40°C up to +150°C)
  5. Multiple choices of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size
  6. Leakage allowed : NONE
  7. CE certification
  8. Pneumatic equipment: Pneumatic Ball Valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
  9. Do fine tuning ±15° by adjustment
  10. For resist against acid, can do plating 3~5 layers or epoxy 1 layer(Optional)

Can be used in Petrifaction, Steel making, Chemical industry, Paper Industry, Power plant, Air separation plant, nuclear plant, waste water treatment, Dry gas, pure water system, cooling water system, Ultra-clean CDA gas, piping system, and Fire-fighting system.

Pneumatic Actuator Catalog


Model  Type ISO Flange CH (mm) Weight (KG)
ES-03 SD F03 9 0.5
ES-05 SD F03+F05 11 1.38
ES-05 SS F03+F05 11 1.45
ES-10 SD F05+F07 14 2.03
ES-10 SS F05+F07 14 2.05
ES-20 SD F05+F07 14 2.7
ES-20 SS F05+F07 14 2.9
ES-25 SD F05+F07 17 3.13
ES-25 SS F05+F07 17 3.60
ES-30 SD F07+F10 22 5.77
ES-30 SS F07+F10 22 6.85
ES-40 SD F07+F10 22 8.90
ES-40 SS F07+F10 22 10.1
ES-45 SD F10+F12 27 13.25
ES-45 SS F10+F12 27 15.55
ES-50 SD F10+F12 27 20.14
ES-50 SS F10+F12 27 24.00
ES-55 SD F14 36 31.30
ES-55 SS F14 36 35.25
ES-60 SD F14 36 46.80
ES-60 SS F14 36 54.80
ES-65 SD F16 46 67.28
ES-65 SS F16 46 80.2
ES-70 SD F16 46 96.9
ES-70 SS F16 46 118



High Performance Butterfly Valve 1
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