JH Electric Actuator

  • Fuse protection device
  • Omron roller type limit switch
  • Ground lead
  • Circuit board with waterproof system
  • Motor enameled wire class: H / 135°C
  • Aluminum alloy enclosure – resistance the heat and alkali
  • Wave interference filter for JHD Modulating Series and Frequent-working series
  • JH Electric Actuator provides direct mounting on ISO 5211 valves.

Model: JH40~JH3500

Torque: Minimun 30Nm to Maximun 3500Nm

Can be assembled on the rotary type of valves, likes Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves.

Three Series:

  1. JH Electric Actuator (On/off series)
  • Be used in the normal situation.
  1. JH Electric Actuator(Frequent-working and Fail Safe series)
  • Provide the DC motor that would not be overheated, low consumption, large torque.
  • The switching spped is smooth, and it can avoid the water hammer.
  • DC motor, but the rated voltage: AC110V/220V, optional voltage: DC24V
  1. JH Electric Actuator(Modulating Controller series) 
  • This series has a wave interference filter to lower the impact of EMI and EMC.
  • Input Signal(Standard): 4-20mA or 2-10VDC
  • Output Signal: 4-20mA or 1-5VDC / 2-10VDC(Choose one)
  • The output signal can be adjusted to control the error within 1mA.


Extra Limit Switch: to be used feedback the position signal

Heater: Can make inside temp. of electric actuator higher and dryer to prevent from the damage to the electric actuator caused by the frozen of lube oil or the moisture.

* It’s not recommended to install the heater when the temp. is over 35°C/95°F.


1. Material: Plastic/Aluminum
2. IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof.
3. Optional: For resist against heat and alkali, can do plating 3~5 layers epoxy 1 layer.


AC: 110V,220V
DC: 12V,24V
Other special voltage can be customized.


Temp. controller
Uncharged limit switch(max. 2 units)
Heater(including thermal protector)
Modulating controller
Local control unit


ISO 9001


1. Please turn power off before manual operation or for maintenance to avoid parts broken or danger. When manual operating, 8m/m (not exceeding 10m/m) open and wrench, is recommended to use. Turn slightly firstly, and check whether it is turned too tightly to avoid valve deadly locked. Do not turn it brutally to prevent internal machine parts broken or damage.
2. Check waterproof O-ring and cable gland are secured tightly after wiring to prevent dusting or water contamination. (Suggested Minimum wire thickness is above 6 Ø.)
3. When more than one electric actuator is needed to operate simultaneously, please connect with the individual cables or installing independent relay for each actuator.
4. When manual operating, please note the position indicator cannot exceed scale marking range to prevent internal machine parts damage. (Modulator: Variable resistor impaired)