Eaglesky Stainless Steel Automatic Pneumatic Actuator

1. Body Material: Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel

2. 14 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return

3. 3 different working temperature executions (from -40°C up to +150°C)

4. Multiple choices of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size

5. Leakage allowed : NONE

6. CE certification

7. Pneumatic equipment: Pneumatic Ball Valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

8. Do fine tuning ±15° by adjustment

9. For resist against acid, can do plating 3~5 layers or epoxy 1 layer(Optional)

Be used in Petrifaction, Steel making, Chemical industry, Paper Industry, Power plant, Air separation plant, nuclear plant, waste water treatment, Dry gas, pure water system, cooling water system, Ultra-clean CDA gas, and Fire fighting system.