1. Size: 1/2”~4” (DN15~DN100)
2. Body Material: PVC, CPVC
3. Seat Material: PTFE
4. O-Ring Material: EPDM, FPM
5. Working pressure 1/2”~4” 150 PSI / 73℉
6. Full port design
7. Actuator could be installed with inserted brass nut / Rotary Automatic Pneumatic Actuator / Rotary Automatic Electric Actuator
8. Standard Product is without brass nut
9. Light Torque


Can be used in Petrifaction, Steel making, Chemical industry, Paper Industry, Power plant, Air separation plant, nuclear plant, waste water treatment, Dry gas, pure water system, cooling water system, Ultra-clean CDA gas, piping system, and Fire-fighting system.

Plastic Double Union Ball Valve Catalog